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The SoCal Fair and Events Center is the largest open year-round fairgrounds in Southern California that no one knows about. They had a marketing team of one, no clear brand identity, and lacked any meaningful social presence. The new CEO wanted to change all of this but before we tackle the entire SoCal Fair Fairgrounds, we needed to start with the identity and website of the 2019 SoCal Fair.

brand identity, website, user experience, motion graphics


This website was created specifically for the 2019 SoCal Fair that occurred in early October 2019. Once the fair ended, the site was changed to the existing old website.

SoCalFair2019 Review210.jpg
SoCalFair2019 Review211.jpg
SoCalFair2019 Review213.jpg
SoCalFair2019 Review214.jpg
SoCalFair2019 Review215.jpg
SoCalFair2019 Review216.jpg
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