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Duration: 1 month

Project Brief: Design and produce a printed magazine ad, featuring any product, and is linked to digital media to demonstrate the essential role that print plays in today’s multichannel media mix. Entries selected by GAERF will be judged by a panel of industry professionals.

Graphic Arts Education and Research Foundation (GAERF)

Challenges: The biggest challenge was to have the print ad stand on its own while at the same time, compelling the reader to view the digital component of the ad. Another challenge was to figure out how to introduce a common, everyday product in a new, inventive way.

Double-exposure Stippling drawing

Strategy: The focus was on the connection between the print ad and the digital component. Colored markers as the product was chosen because there might be an interesting way to separate the product and the color variety. This would be the main approach in order to conquer the challenge of why a reader should also visit the digital component of the product.

Execution: Rather than displaying the colors of the markers in the ad directly, it would be a two-part effort in order to also give significance to the digital component. The print ad would show a black and white illustration that would encourage the viewer to visit the digital component to see this same illustration in color. A QR code was used to connect the physical print ad to its digital component. The illustration was printed on translucent paper and glued to the paper print ad with a window cutout to allow the illustration to be visible. An iPad is then used to scan the code through an app. The iPad is then placed behind the ad, aligned to the guidelines, and a video coloring the illustration is played to show the color variation of the markers.  


Results: Awarded 1st place. It was featured in GAERF’s booth at PRINT 17 in Chicago, IL and during PRINT 17’s Career Awareness Day. I also presented the project and answered questions from students of the Chicago High School District.

Stippling print ad


Print ad

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